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For example, sometimes when it ’s time to buy food or other daGuangzhou Heda Shelves Co Ltdily supplies, he will help to contact, and then when the goods arrive, he will pick up the goods and help distribute them.

He said the authorities had just launched a pilot project in one favela on managing coronavirus risk, but did not say where.An estimated 11.5 million Brazilians live in favelas, around six percent of the population.

They are frequent scenes of street battles between armed gangs and police.Mandetta advocates strict social distancing measures to contain the virus, in line with World Health Organization recommendations.He has clashed with his boss, far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, who argues that closing businesses and telling people to stay home is unnecessarily damaging the economy.

The US is set for another jarring look at how badly the coronavirus has marred the economy when new weekly jobless benefit claim data was released on Thursday.Photo taken on March 30 shows an almost-empty terminal building at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington of Virginia, the US. Photo: Xinhua

Previous reports by the Labor Department indicated that a combined 10 million people lost their jobs as businesses across the world's largest economy shut down to stop the virus' spread.

Analysts expected this Thursday's data to show another jump of several million, further pressuring Washington lawmakers to take action. "It's hard to see anything other than another horrendous report," the consulting firm Pantheon Macroeconomics wrote in an analysis."The smart field hospital was completely run by robots."

A small medical team remotely controlled the field hospital robots. Patients wore wristbands that gathered blood pressure and other vital data.The smart clinic only handled patients for a few days, but it foreshadowed a future in which robots tend to patients with contagious diseases while health care workers manage from safe distances.

Patients in hospitals in Thailand, Israel and elsewhere meet with robots for consultations done by doctors via videoconference. Some consultation robots even tend to the classic checkup task of listening to patients' lungs as they breathe.Alexandra Hospital in Singapore will use a robot called BeamPro to deliver medicine and meals to patients diagnosed with COVID-19 or those suspected to be infected with the virus in its isolation wards.