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Wang Moumou, female, 59 years old, cleaningSupermarket Shelf Rack staff of Luohe City Library, living in Mingdu District, Yuanhui District, Luohe City.

Doctors and nurses can control the robot by using a computer from outside the room and can hold conversations with the patient via the screen and camera.The robot reduces the number of "touch points" with patients who are isolated, thereby reducing risk for healthcare workers, the hospital's health innovation director Alexander Yip told local news channel CNA.

Robotic machines can also be sent to scan for the presence of the virus, such as when the Diamond Princess cruise ship cabins were checked for safety weeks after infected passengers were evacuated, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Additionally, hospitals are turning to robots to tirelessly rid room, halls and door handles of viruses and bacteria.US firm Xenex has seen a surge in demand for its robots that disinfect rooms, according to director of media relations Melinda Hart.

Newspaper headline: Robots might become heroes in global war on COVID-19As deadly Cyclone Harold churns through the South Pacific, small island nations in its path are struggling to balance responses to the disaster with maintaining efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, officials warned on Wednesday.

A bird is seen near a drying reservoir in Mt. Darwin, Zimbabwe, Oct. 11, 2019. Zimbabwe is facing severe food shortages due to a combination of drought and cyclone this year. Photo: Xinhua

Cyclone Harold ripped through Vanuatu and Fiji as a deadly top-strength storm this week, causing injuries and damage to property, and severing communications.A robot arm helps pack components in a traditional manufacturing facility in Taicang, East China's Jiangsu Province on Tuesday. Photo: cnsphotos

One team of robots temporarily cared for patients in a makeshift hospital in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province.Meals were served, temperatures taken and communications handled by machines, one of them named "Cloud Ginger" by its maker CloudMinds, which has operations in Beijing and California.

"It provided useful information, conversational engagement, entertainment with dancing, and even led patients through stretching exercises," CloudMinds president Karl Zhao said of the humanoid robot."The smart field hospital was completely run by robots."