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Colin Chen, executive director of InterGreat Education Group, told the Global Times that since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK, his company has been helping the Chinese embassy in the UK to collect information on school pupils who are facing difficulties. Chinese pupils in the UK are in schools scattered all over the country, with some staying in boarding schools and some living with guardian families, which made gathering the information somewhat difficult, according to Chen.Chen said they are trying to reach out to individual Chinese students through the Boarding Schools' Association (BSA). As boarding schools are encouraging students to return home, there are only a small number of overseas students staying in schools with limited numbers of staff. This is also likely to be a long-term arrangement.

Another problem facing overseas students is that some of the guardian families they live with have members over 70 years old who have been told to self-isolate for four months even if they don't have coronavirus symptoms, in a "wartime-style" lockdown by the government. As a result, it is difficult for elderly guardians to take care of young pupils.BSA Chief Executive Robin Fletcher told HuffPost UK in mid-March that many overseas boarders studying in the UK had already left their schools because of the threat of COVID-19. "The chief priority for all boarding schools is the safety and welfare of boarders," he said.There is a shortage of face masks on the market and sending medical supplies from China to the UK takes a long time.

Sharing the anxiety felt by Chinese parents, Chen is trying his best with his colleagues in the UK to send face masks, medicines and daily necessities to foreign students in the country."Health Packs" prepared by InterGreat Education Group for Chinese students studying in the UK Photo: Courtesy of InterGreat Education Group

No easy return

While most overseas students have opted to stay where they are in order to avoid cross-infections on the journey home, some students do have difficulties living abroad without family members amid the growing pandemic. The next stage of their study is also unclear, as schools and universities have been closed or restricted access to campuses indefinitely to curb the spread of the virus.But the number of cases has continued to rise, with officials blaming a large religious gathering in March where thousands of people congregated for at least 30 percent of patients.

On Wednesday numerous neighborhoods and hot spots in Uttar Pradash and Delhi were set to be sealed off, with locals barred from leaving their homes and authorities promising to deliver food and other essential items to their doorsteps.A favela in Brazil Photos: IC

Brazil's health minister said on Wednesday that authorities should hold talks with drug gangs and militia groups in impoverished favela neighborhoods on how to fight against the noval coronavirus.Brazil, the country hardest hit by the pandemic in Latin America, is bracing for potential devastation if big outbreaks erupt in its favelas, crowded neighborhoods that often lack basic sanitation and health care infrastructure.