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At 10:10 on March 29, a Xiamen Airlines passenger plane took off from runway 11L of Daxing AirpCantilever Steel Rackort under the command of the tower controller. It was the first flight to take off after this transfer, marking the transfer of Daxing Airport in 2020. The air traffic control work started.

It is understood that Wanda Cinemas, Bona International Cinemas, Jinyi Cinemas, Dadi Cinema, etc. have opened stores through online channels to clean up their inventory.FavourableYou: I've waited so long, what is it? ? ? Make sure it's safe before you go.Cantilever Steel Rack

However, Beijing, Tianjin, Hubei and Hebei still maintain a level of emergency response.Spend dozens of dollars to buy a video platform member, you can watch many movies, I watched several movies long before the epidemic, without going to the cinema ‘second brush.Although it is still time to waCantilever Steel Racktch movies offline, theaters and ticketing platforms have been eager to move, using various methods to anger the existence.

At present, some online ticket purchase platforms have launched a service called low-price ticket hoarding and post-epidemic viewing services, which sells some movie studios' low-discount vouchers to users, and uses long-term validity periods as selling points.For example, Beijing Zhongying Xingmei International Studios launched a 15 yuan voucher priced at 2.9 yuan.

Will cinema retaliatory consumption still come? On social platforms, the notice that the theater will not be resumed has caused discussion among netizens.

It has 27 departments, more than 400 employees, and more than 500 inpatient beds in the hospital. All medical, administrative, and logistics departments are in one building, and there are many top three hospitals around it.For a long time, Jiujiang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and Huanggang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have shown great concern for the lives and productions of the people in the two places.

4. In order to ensure the safety of people's travel, illegal operations are strictly prohibited, and unlicensed motor vehicles, scrapped vehicles, and illegally modified vehicles are strictly prohibited.At present, the situation of the epidemic continues to improve. In order to further implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping ’s important instructions and the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the economic and social development, ensure the smooth return of workers to work and school, and promote economic and social order restore.

When traveling to each other's jurisdiction, the people of the two places must abide by the relevant regulations on local epidemic prevention and control.After joint discussions between the headquarters of the two parties and the approval of the superior headquarters, special measures for maintaining the traffic of the Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge are formulated. The announcement is as follows: 1. According to the need to open the Hubei and Hubei corridors, both parties will cancel the period of epidemic prevention and control. Temporary epidemic prevention station to ensure barrier-free access for vehicles