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In order to alleviate the patient's worries and allow patients to come tSupermarket Racks In Coimbatoreo the clinic with ease, the medical insurance department requires that all diagnosed and suspected patients be treated first and then settled.

Russia has over 10,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases, the national disease response team revealed on Thursday. The country tested 1,459 people in the past 24 hours, according to RT.Veronika Skvortsova, the head of Russia's Federal Biomedical Agency, said the country would hit its COVID-19 peak within 14 days.

While some Chinese are leaving Russia and rushing home, making imported cases of the virus become a hot topic on social media, many Chinese students at Russian universities have remained calm."We filled several surveys to record our information and conditions from the Chinese embassy in Russia recently," a Chinese postgraduate student surnamed Sun at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, told the Global Times. "The embassy asked our intention of going back to China. Some of us even received calls from them." Sun said.Over 200 Chinese students at the university who are staying in Moscow set up a WeChat group. Sun said that no Chinese student in Moscow had been infected with COVID-19 as far as he knows.

Sun also said he would not return to China because he is working on his graduation project. Although he is not worried about graduation, which should be in late June, it will probably be postponed."I hold a positive attitude toward the Russian government's policies in the upcoming peak time of the outbreak," Sun said. "But still, some locals have a low awareness about the risk of the virus," he added.

Sun and his Chinese roommates have stored face masks and dried food cans. Fortunately, online shopping still works in Moscow, so they order fresh vegetables and other groceries every three or four days.

Russian President Vladimir Putin extended the nationwide paid holiday to April 30, so that people could stay indoors.A No. 10 spokesperson said the prime minister will receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery. "He is in extremely good spirits," the spokesperson said.

Johnson was taken to hospital on Sunday, 10 days after testing positive for the coronavirus, and was moved to intensive care on Monday.Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Thursday refuted comments that China exports the Chinese model to foreign countries by sending medical teams, saying China never asks anyone to copy its methods.So far, China has sent 12 teams of medical experts to 10 countries, which are Italy, Serbia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Venezuela, the Philippines and Myanmar, to help them combat COVID-19, Zhao told a press briefing when answering a relevant question.